Faster burning powder for short barrel That shorter barrels need a faster burning powder?. Listed From Fastest to Slowest. . . . As a general rule, an inch less barrel will cost a bullet between 25 and 50 fps velocity. . . However the pressure changes happen in fractions of millionths of a second while barrel time is measured in the ten thousandths of a second. . North Dakota. But, from what I understand, it causes a quicker buildup of pressure. . You need a faster burning powder for the shorter barrel. A load that is proven in a given cartridge & bullet, will out of the box be respectable to very good in a rifle capable of shooting, shorter barrel or not, and slow burning powder or not. That is not my goal. 21 milliseconds approximately 5. Aug 19, 2018 · Just to many variables to make a carte blanch statement. If you had a slow burning powder that was effecently being burned in a 24 or 26 inch barrel, it might not all be burned at the 20 inch mark. mathman. Mar 31, 2016 · The powder that nets the best speed from a 7. Nov 30, 2021 · Generally speaking, with regard to rifle cases, the faster-burning powder choices within a given list of applicable powders for certain cartridges will require the least amount of powder. . . My favorite is 4 gr of Clays under a 200 gr SWC. Shorter barrel means there is less time for the expanding gas to push the projectile. . . . Many claim that a fast burning powder is better in SD rounds, since the fast powder produces less muzzle flash, thus not blinding the shooter when the gun is fired in darkness. The highest velocities in short handgun barrels, regardless of the cartridge, will always be delivered by powders in the slower burning rate range for a given cartridge. I didn't believe it (same powder/long or short barrel), so I run a little exercise for a 308Win/168SMK at identical/standard pressure for an 18" and a 27" barrel. Some people subscribe to the notion that faster burning powders are better for short barrels but it's the slow burning powders in magnum cartridges that provide the highest velocities with the lowest pressure regardless of barrel length although a longer barrel will almost always give higher velocities with any load depending on the individual. regarding powders, barrel length doesn’t have anything to do with the best powder burn rate for a cartridge. . I'm thinking around 7" in the. I believe the burn rate is based off the cartridge and bullet weight. The powder found in the. . Feb 11, 2022. . Pressure collapses to just about nothing at 0. Some cartridges excel with short barrel as long as the right combination of cartridge, case capacity and bullet weight is achieved. Green Dot and Red Dot are actually faster burning than Bullseye. 40 and <4”, then definitely I use faster powders, Titegroup, Unique, #2, etc. .
113. Hi all. 62x39 and it. Fast burning powders are better suited for light target loads where you want high initial chamber pressure to force lead bullet to obturate and seal in the bore. I stayed deployed too much over the last 15 years to keep up with reloading and my equipment sat boxed up in the basement until last year. A 308, on the other hand, is going to be loaded with a more modest charge of faster burning powder. 300 win loaded with 78 grains of N570 in a short barrel just wouldn't be terribly efficient compared to a 300 wsm with faster burning powder. FOOLED ME!! 150's and some 165's do fine out of that rig. . Sierra Match King hollow point boat tail's. Winchester WAALite. I have never tried RL26 but it appears to be good for longer barrels and heavy bullets. . . As an extreme example, my. According to ballisticians something like 95% of the powder is burned in the first 4" of a barrel regardless of charge. djpaintles. 1 mm. The reasoning is that powder would not. Because of this, the average pressure for fast powders is lower than for slow powders. 5744, 4198, 4227. 9. Mar 4, 2023 · If though you had two powders and both were appropriate for. The faster burn rate powders just show pressure signs earlier in my experience. I think a few guys here with actual short barrel vs longer barrel performance with the same powder has disproven many non experienced shooters beliefs of what happens with. Talk to you later. This is not the kiss of death, but it means you need longer barrels to burn all the powder. . All of which were shot out of 16-18" barrels with 50 gr bullets. . The 130hvld was the most accurate but I liked the velocity of the 123 better.

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